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At Mezzoo we aim to breed healthy puppies sound in mind and body and specially to make sure that they meet the requirements of the standard of the race according to CKC (Canadian Kennel Club) and AKC (American Kennel Club.) We choose our breeders carefully from a lineage of champions of conformation and work who will pass on a genetic heritage of choice.

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Going home, your puppy will bring the following documents;

  • When you buy a puppy from MEZZOO, we will give you a copy of the parents’ records, their respective pedigree, tests (OFA, PENN HIP and DNA TEST Myelopathy Degenerative) and their conformation and / or dating championships Obedience if he /she did it.
  • The puppies are registered at the Canadian Kennel Club.
  • Company puppies are sold with a non-breeding agreement from the Canadian Kennel Club and sterilized by the buyer.
  • The puppies are identified by a microchip.
  • The puppies undergo a complete individual examination at our veterinarian. They are vaccinated, dewormed and given the necessary care for their well-being. They leave the farm with an up-to-date personal health record.
  • The puppies are accompanied by a 2-year written warranty against genetic defects.
  • Each puppy leaves with a starter kit, a necklace, bone, toy that he knows and other surprises.
  • Mezzoo breeding remains available to new owners following the sale of the puppy to facilitate the transition.

Mezzoo breeding focuses on respecting the standard and taking into consideration the physical attributes and psychological abilities: height and weight, color, etc., temperament, stability, obedience, intelligence, insuring balance between all these characteristics. In addition, his speed of learning and his unconditional loyalty to his family make the Pembroke Welsh Corgi a must.

Thanks for trusting us!   

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