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Breeding Mezzoo Guarantees & Tests

Breeding MEZZOO guarantees and tests its Pembroke Welsh Corgi in order to promote and improve the breed. The concept of purebred is an important aspect to buying a puppy from us. It is a collective responsibility for conscientious BREEDERS. At MEZZOO, when you purchase a puppy, we provide you with a copy of the parent’s registration, their pedigree, their tests and their conformation championships, if applicable. We emphasize that it is in our best interest to sell high quality purebred dogs in North America, as the breeder’s name will appear on the dog registration certification drafted by the Canadian Kennel Club. The MEZZOO affix is a protected name registered with the CKC (Canadian Kennel Club) and OPIC (Canadian Intellectual Property Office). This affix is our seal of quality as a breeder and we respect it.

Parents Pembroke Welsh Corgi / TESTS

  • Pembroke Welsh Corgi parents are X-rayed for hip and elbow dysplasia by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (O.F.A. or Pennhip).
  • DNA test DEGENERATIVE MYELOPATHY done by; DDC Veterinary or Faculty of Medicine of Montreal or GENSOL DNA Veterinary.
  • Parents Pembroke Welsh Corgi pass the CERF (Canine Eye Registration Foundation/ OFA) test, certified by a veterinarian specialized in ophthalmology.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy: written warranty

  • Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppies are registered with the Canadian Kennel Club.
  • Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppies are identified by a microchip.
  • The Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppies received a full individual examination and the first vaccine at our veterinarian.
  • At the time of the sale they will be accompanied by their health record (vaccines, deworming, etc.) and a non-breeding agreement.
  • Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppies have a 2-year written warranty against genetic defects.

Mezzoo breeding works to perpetuate and improve the Pembroke Welsh Corgi 

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